Red Lips for Brides | Lisa Eldridge

Velvet Enchantment – For brides wanting to opt for a softer take on red, this instantly beautifying hue is for you.

Velvet Ribbon – A fairytale of a red that suits absolutely everyone. This is the one red lipstick that Lisa thinks everyone needs. A cl،ic, pillarbox red perfect for cool undertones but that works equally on olive or yellow toned skin tones.

Velvet Duchess – The blue undertones of this fearless cl،ic means it suits everyone. 

Velvet J، – A muted, earthy, brick-red inspired by the red lipsticks from the 1930’s in Lisa’s vintage makeup collection.

Velvet Morning – The ultimate ‘pick-me-up’ shade, this orange-red hue looks especially beautiful on t،se with golden and olive undertones. 

Velvet Bloom – A nuanced red-pink that has that blue undertone which makes it universally flattering.