Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes | Lisa Eldridge

Precision liquid eyeliner with an ultra-fine calligraphy style felt nib, designed for the ultimate ease and control. The most effortless, easy-to-use eyeliner.

The perfect flexibility and length of the precision nib has been designed by Lisa for effortless control – allowing you to create that fine, tapered out flick that characterises Lisa’s signature Kitten Eye.

“Even if you’re low on lid ،e or have a ،oded eye, the ultra-fine tip of Kitten Flick, tapered to a tiny point, will give you that definition right at the lashline. It’s perfect for every eye shape” 

Lisa Eldridge


The reviews are in!

@‌glambox “…Being able to wear a liner that I can finally apply to my ،oded lids feels so amazing!…The fine tip is unbelievably easy to work… It’s absolute makeup magic…”

@‌meowtaraminol “…So easy to use, great flow of ink, no skipping or dragging with a tiny, precise point so that even clumsy people with tiny lids like me can manage. Dries quick and doesn’t transfer at all.”

@‌dom_in_london “With ،oded eyes the right tip is essential…glides on and requires zero corrections – magic”

منبع: https://www.lisaeldridge.com/blogs/articles/eyeliner-for-،oded-eyes