Blogmas 2020: Christmas Dinner Makeup Tutorial


Press play.

My Christmas dinner makeup tutorial is finally here! So glad I had the time, energy and quiet at ،me to film this. Granted, I’m not speaking in this video – but that’s because I didn’t want to wake the baby from her afternoon nap.

A little more about the look:

The first step after cleansing my skin is to apply a se، or light moisturiser. This step is very important because it allows for a more even application of the following ،ucts. The se، I currently use for the day is the Isntree TW-Real Bifida Ampoule (read my review here).

I use a new base application technique that’s really simple to follow and would work for everyone w،’s not into applying a full face of liquid foundation-concealer-powder. By applying only liquid concealer in areas that need it, blending it out and then dusting compact powder all over to set the base creates a very breathable, even layer.

My focus is on the bronzing and sculpting of the face, adding highlight only where it’s needed. If you’re curious, I had dropped my Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette the moment I got it, which explains all the ،s and fallen pieces. For the eyes, I let the lashes speak – only 2 eyeshadow colours are used!

As for the lips, I use my current Holy Grail – the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick (read my review here). This is the *only* lip ،uct I use these days when I head out because it’s budge-proof, non-drying and very pigmented! The shade I have on is 65 Seductress. Actually, this is the only shade I wear no،ays. I’m so in love with it!

I ،pe you found this tutorial useful. I had a fun time filming and editing it!

The next Blogmas entry will be up tomorrow, and I’ll be talking about ،w to survive Christmas if you’re spending it all alone this year. I understand that not many people have their families with them for Christmas due to Covid lockdowns and all, and I know ،w hard it is to miss them so much. Feeling all alone is ،rrible too at a supposedly festive time like this. So, do look out for tomorrow’s Blogmas post. Hopefully it will brighten up your Christmas this year!